American Names

Are there any truly American baby names?
Sure, if you count word names such as True and Justice and place names like Savannah and Sierra and invented names such as Brailyn and Zayden.

If you want an all-American name for your baby girl or boy, search here.You can also consult our lists of American Names for Girls and American Names for Boys.

The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity.Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.
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Top American Names

  • Maverick

    At the rate it's growing, Maverick soon won't seem like such a maverick anymore. Heard first in a 1950s James Garner western TV series, and then as the Tom Cruise character in Top Gun,... Read More 

  • Kaylee

    A widely used name, Kaylee pulls together something from Kayla and something from Hailey, yet somehow loses something in the process. It has surpassed cousin Kayla on the charts and is one of... Read More 

  • Kaiden

    This version of Kaden is also a popular choice and one of the many boys' names starting with k that can also start with a C, as in Caiden,... Read More 

  • Brooklynn

    This extra-N variation is hot on the tails of mega popular Brooklyn and takes it a bit further from the New York borough.Read More 

  • Daxton

    More and more parents are turning to this name as a route to the cool nickname Dax.Read More 

  • Jaxton

    We've had Jackson, Jaxcon and Jaxon, and now we have Jaxton.Read More 

  • Emory

    She might get nail jokes her whole life (think Emery board), but a child will find this name is neat, easy to pronounce, and able to fit in with the crowd.Read More 

  • Braylen

    Brayden meets Jalen.Read More 

  • Brycen

    This name may be a variation of the more-popular Bryson, but it has appealed to enough parents to make it a widely used name in its own right.Read More 

  • Stetson

    Most known as a popular brand of Western hats, this surname has a brief history as a given name. It charted in the US Top 1000 in 1989 and 1991-95. It has been experiencing renewed interest in the... Read More