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  • Emilio

    Dashing and popular Italian and Spanish favorite, as is Emiliano. Read More 

  • Rafael

    Rafael is perhaps the ultimate sexy Latino name, not a bad gift to give your son. The Raphael spelling is the original Hebrew version.Read More 

  • Izabella

    Parents seeking a way to differentiate their Isabella from all the others could consider this zippier spelling. It does have the jazzy nickname Izzy.Read More 

  • Jorge

    The classic Jorge is one of the most popular and classic Spanish names for boys in the US. Some Latine families pronounce... Read More 

  • Maximiliano

    This is a Spanish variation of Maximilian that has begun to gain some popularity. It has a luxurious feel -- maybe it's the suggestion of "millions"? -- but this is one of those Read More 

  • Arlo

    Arlo has many possible derivations: possibly a shortened form of Italian name Carlo, and in Basque-speaking regions it is the word for area. In English, Arlo was first used by Edmund Spenser in... Read More 

  • Francisco

    Francisco is one of the more popular Spanish names for boys in the US, which is unsurprising given its popularity back in... Read More 

  • Mariana

    Combination of popular traditional names Maria and Ana.Read More 

  • Manuel

    A staple of Hispanic naming, the Spanish variation of the English Emmanuel. Read More 

  • Cristian

    Read More