Word name, Greek
"manifestation, striking appearance"

Epiphany Origin and Meaning

The name Epiphany is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "manifestation, striking appearance".

Epiphany is based on the ancient Greek word for a feeling or realization that comes upon you suddenly. It often relates to the divine, as in the realization that Christ is the son of God. The Feast of the Epiphany, which commemorates the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus, takes place on January 6, ranking Epiphany among the unique January baby names. As word names and spiritual names become more popular, the attractive Epiphany becomes a more viable choice.

Epiphany Popularity

Epiphany in Pop Culture

  • Epiphany Johnsoncharacter on "General Hospital"
  • Epiphany Proudfootcharacter from movie "Angel Heart"
  • An epiphany is a moment of sudden revelation or insight.
  • Epifania Parergacharacter in the 1960 movie "The Millionairess," played by Sofia Loren