"divine mother"

Neith Origin and Meaning

The name Neith is a girl's name of Egyptian origin meaning "divine mother".

One of the more unusual mythology names for girls, Neith is the name of the Egyptian goddess of home and femininity.

Neith Popularity

Famous People Named Neith

  • Neith BoyceAmerican writer
  • Neith NevelsonAmerican artist
  • Queen Neithwife of Egyptian pharaoh Pepi II

Neith in Pop Culture

  • Neith Nyerfashion label
  • Neith was an Egyptian goddess of the hunt mentioned in Rick Riordan's "Kane Chronicles" series
  • Neith (Nit)The Oldest One; Nurse of the Crocodiles , This goddess of Sais is represented as a woman wearing the red crown; her emblem, a shield with crossed arrows; one of the four 'protector',goddesses who guarded coffins and Canopic jars; identified by the Greeks with Athena.
  • The biblical girls' name Asenath means "devoted to (the goddess) Neith"