Viridis Origin and Meaning

The name Viridis is a girl's name meaning "green".

Viridis is a medieval Italian name which is also the Latin word for green. This name is a beautiful option for parents looking for an unusual name that conveys freshness, youth, springtime and nature.

Viridis Visconti was a Milanese noblewoman who married into the Austrian royal family.

Famous People Named Viridis

  • Viridis della Scala of Verona (died 1394)wife of Niccolo II d'Este Viridis Visconti (1352,1414), grandmother of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III

Viridis in Pop Culture

  • Means "green" in Latin (in the Middle Ages this word was used as a feminine name in reference to the colour of growing foliagethus acquired the transferred meaning of "young, youthful, fresh, lively, blooming")
  • Related names: ViridiaViridiana