English or German
"fortress of riches, or strength of a boar"

Ebba Origin and Meaning

The name Ebba is a girl's name of German, English origin meaning "fortress of riches, or strength of a boar".

Ebba, the feminine version of Eberhard and also a form of an old English name, is in the Swedish Top 10 but virtually unknown in the US. However, with the rise of Emma, Ella, Ada, and similar simple-yet-traditional names, Ebba may enjoy more widespread popularity.

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Ebba Rank in US Top 1000

Ebba Popularity

Famous People Named Ebba

  • Princess Ebba Henrietta Bernadotte (née Munck af Fulkila)wife of Prince Oscar Bernadotte of Sweden
  • Ebba Tove Elsa Nilssonstage name Tove Lo, Swedish pop singer,songwriter
  • Ebba Marnellsister of Australian pro skateboarder Lewis Marnell
  • Ebba Zingmarkmodel
  • Anna Michaela Ebba Electra von HausswolffSwedish singer, pianist, organist and songwriter.
  • Ebba Elisabeth BuschSwedish Politician

Ebba in Pop Culture

  • Ebba Selandercharacter in "The Dung,Beetle Flies at Dusk" by Maria Gripe
  • Ebba Roseprotagonist in the novel "East" by Edith Pattou