"white shoulders"

Finola Origin and Meaning

The name Finola is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "white shoulders".

Finola, the readily accessible version of some of the more problematic Gaelic versions of the name, would make a welcome addition to the stockpot of Irish girls' names.

Finola Popularity

Famous People Named Finola

  • Finola HughesEnglish actress
  • Finola MoorheadAustralian novelist
  • Finola DwyerNew Zealand film producer
  • Finola Mary O'FarrellBritish high court judge and barrister
  • Finola O'Donnell15th,century Irish founder of the Franciscan Monastery in Donegal
  • Fynvola Susan MacLean Grantmother of English actor Hugh Grant

Finola in Pop Culture

  • Finola was also a medieval Italian namea diminutive of Fina.
  • Finvola and Fynvola are Latinized forms of Fionnuala.