"cassia tree"

Kezia Origin and Meaning

The name Kezia is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "cassia tree".

This lively Old Testament nature name (belonging to one of the three beautiful daughters of Job) may be missing from the current US Top 1000 list, but it ranks highly here on Nameberry — making it one to watch!

Also spelled KeziaH, the name has multiple legitimate pronunciations — from "KEE-szhah" to "KEZ-ee-ah" to "keh-ZYE-ah" — and comes complete with the sweet and sparky nickname Kizzy. A related name is the lovely cinnamon-scented Cassia, which beginning to be discovered by lovers of the fashionable Cas- clan.

Kezia Popularity

Famous People Named Kezia

  • Kezia of BugandaQueen of Toro, Uganda
  • Kezia Obamaformer wife of Barack Obama, Sr.
  • Kezia BurrowsWelsh actress
  • Harriot Kezia Huntpioneering American physician
  • Kezia DugdaleScottish politician

Kezia in Pop Culture

  • Kezia Walkercharacter on British TV's "The Bill"
  • "Kezia" album by Protest the Hero
  • Kezia Burnellcharacter in "Prelude" by Katherine Mansfield
  • Kezia 'Kizzy' CunninghamTwiss, protagonist in 'The Diddakoi' by Rumer Godden
  • Keziaa character on 'Little House on the Prairie'
  • Kezia Saint MartinMain Character in Danielle Steel's "Passion Promise"