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Rocket Origin and Meaning

The name Rocket is a boy's name .

Starbaby name that might prove too supercharged for real life, but if like director Robert Rodriguez you're interested only in boys' names starting with R, you may need to add Rocket (and Rebel and Racer) to your list.

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Famous People Named Rocket

  • Rocket Valentino Rodriguez (b. 1995)son of director Robert Rodriguez
  • Rocket Ayer Williams (b. 2008)son of singer Pharrell Williams
  • Rocket Wild Bokan (b. 2014)daughter of singers Beau Bokan of blessthefall and Lights Poxleitner,Bokan
  • Rocket Zot Worthington (2015)son of actor Sam Worthington
  • Polly Jane Rocket Adams (b. 1994)daughter of novelist Douglas Adams
  • Jonas Rocket DeLonge (b. 2006)son of singer Tom DeLonge of Blink,182
  • Daisy Rocket Pisapia (b. 2006)daughter of actress/TV personality Katie Cook and Marc Pisapia
  • River Rocket Blue Dallas Oliver (b. 2016)son of celebrity chefs Jamie and Jools Oliver
  • Bart Rocketmagician

Rocket in Pop Culture

  • Rocket Raccooncharacter in "Guardians of the Galaxy"
  • Rocketvillager in "Animal Crossing" series
  • Rocketcharacter in Ingrid Law's "Savvy" and "Scumble"
  • Rocket Dogmeerkat on TV's "Meerkat Manor"
  • "Rocket Power" animated series
  • "Rocket in my Pocket" TV show
  • Team Rocketcharacters in the Pokemon franchise