tim-oh-THEE-ah, tim-oh-THAY-ah
"honoring god"

Timothea Origin and Meaning

The name Timothea is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "honoring god".

Previously Timothy's dusty and outdated sister, now actually feels fresher than its brother name. With Thea names right on trend at the moment, this could be a surprising and even more unusual alternative to Theodora or Dorothea for lovers of vintage names and that stylish Thea sound.

Famous People Named Timothea

  • Timothea BeckermanAmerican blues singer

Timothea in Pop Culture

  • Timothea "Timmy" Blakecharacter in movie "Back in Circulation"
  • Timotheacharacter in an episode of TV's "The Rogues"
  • Timothea Larr AwardU.S Sailing award