"warrior or judgment"

Ragnar Origin and Meaning

The name Ragnar is a boy's name of Scandinavian, Norse origin meaning "warrior or judgment".

An fearsome old Norse name with a long history in Scandinavia. It's gotten a boost in the States from popularity of the History Channel drama "Vikings," in which the protagonist is named Ragnar. Ragnar Lodbrok (meaning "shaggy pants") was a legendary warrior whose story was told in the Viking sagas. Ragnar also recalls name of the Norse Judgment Day, Ragnarök.

Easier versions here would be Raynor or Rainier, as in the late prince of Monaco.

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Famous People Named Ragnar

  • Ragnar ÞórhallssonIcelandic musician of band Of Monsters and Men
  • Ragnar KlavanEstonian footballer
  • Ragnar SigurðssonIcelandic footballer
  • Ragnar HovlandNorwegian novelist
  • Ragnar Arthur GranitFinnish,Swedish physiologist
  • Ragnar Anton Kittil FrischNorwegian economist who coined "macro/microeconomics"

Ragnar in Pop Culture

  • Ragnar Lodbroka legendary Norse ruler and hero from the Viking Age and main character in the 2013 TV series "Vikings"
  • Ragnar Danneskjoldcharacter in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"
  • In Norse mythologyRagnarök is a series of future events.
  • Ragnarokfreeware roguelike video game for DOS
  • Ragnar the Reda song from the video game "Skyrim"
  • Ragnar McRyancharacter in video game 'Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen'
  • Ragnar Volaruscharacter in Pierce Brown's Red Rising trilogy

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