Fairfax Origin and Meaning

The name Fairfax is a boy's name of English origin meaning "blond".

If this name makes you think of Victorian novels, it's because Fairfax was part of Mr Rochester's name in Jane Eyre, and the surname of a minor character in Jane Austen's Emma. It has a distinctly aristocratic feel, despite its straightforward meaning. Fairfax is also a city in Virginia.

Famous People Named Fairfax

  • Thomas Fairfax (3rd Baron Fairfax of Cameron)1612,71, English general, commander of the Parliamentary army during the Civil War

Fairfax in Pop Culture

  • This surname comes from a medieval nickname for someone with beautiful hair (the second syllable = Old English feax "hair")
  • Edward Fairfax Rochesterthe Byronic hero of Charlotte Brontë's "Jane Eyre" (1847)
  • Harlan Fairfax Carruthersfrom the movie "Down in the Valley"

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