English or Dutch
"leaper, dancer; hop grower"

Hopper Origin and Meaning

The name Hopper is a boy's name of English origin meaning "leaper, dancer; hop grower".

Sean and Robin Wright Penn chose this name for their son to honor their friend Dennis Hopper; others might associate it with the painter Edward. Couldn't be more spirited.

Famous People Named Hopper

  • Hopper Pennson of actors Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn
  • Dennis HopperAmerican actor
  • Edward HopperAmerican painter
  • Grace Hoppercomputer scientist who invented the compiler

Hopper in Pop Culture

  • Hopperthe leader of the grasshoppers and primary antagonist in Pixar's "A Bug's Life"
  • Chief Jim Hopperone of the main characters in the hit Netflix series "Stranger Things"