Greek mythology name
"god of Nysa"

Dionysius Origin and Meaning

The name Dionysius is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "god of Nysa".

Dionysius derives from Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, revelry and fertility. This Romanized spelling has been used for poets, soldiers, and saints throughout the centuries, but is hardly ever seen today.

Dionysius Popularity

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Famous People Named Dionysius

  • Saint Dionysius the AreopagiteBiblical judge
  • Saint Dionysius of Alexandria14th Pope of Alexandria
  • Saint Dionysius Exiguus "the Humble" Romanian monk; inventor of "Anno Domini"
  • Saint Dionysiusbishop of Milan
  • Saint DionysiusBishop of Corinth
  • Saint Dionysius of Alexandria3rd century martyr
  • Saint DionysiusRoman martyr along with Theodore and Philippa
  • Dionysiuspope
  • Dionysius I and IItyrants of Syracuse
  • Dionysius of HalicarnassusGreek historian
  • Dionysius Periegetes "the Traveler" Greek poet and geographer
  • Dionysius of Fournamonk and author
  • Dionysius Adrianus Petrus Norbertus KoolenDutch politician
  • Dionysius Godefridus van der KeesselDutch jurist
  • Dionysius WakeringEnglish politician
  • Dionysius LardnerIrish scientific writer
  • Dionysius Hayom RumbakaIndonesian badminton player
  • Dionysius "Dion" SebweLiberian footballer