Gemini Origin and Meaning

The name Gemini is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "twins".

After Leo, this is one of the most usable names in the zodiac: part ancient, part new-age, part high-tech. In the night sky, the constellation Gemini is present all year round in both hemispheres. It has been associated with twins since ancient times, and its two brightest stars are named Castor and Pollux after the twins of Greek mythology. It also has STEM connections: Project Gemini was a NASA spaceflight program before Apollo.

20 Names Similar to Gemini

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Famous People Named Gemini

  • Saint. GeminusMartyr
  • Saint GeminianItalian bishop of Modena
  • Gemini Cea BarnettAmerican actor
  • Ramaswamy "Gemini" GanesanIndian actor

Gemini in Pop Culture

  • Castor and Polluxthe Gemini twins of Greek mythology
  • Geminicharacter in Marvel Comics
  • Geminia Celestial Spirit in anime "Fairy Tail"
  • Gemini Kanon and Gemini Sagacharacters in manga/anime "Saint Seiya"