Favorite Names

Names that I've always loved, usual and unusual, girl and boy, old-fashion and modern... - Created by JoJobear

  • Abram

    Another one of my all time favorite boys names!

  • Alastair


  • Ariadne

    I'm a greek mythology nerd, so this is so cool to me!

  • Amsel

    One of my favorite animal related names

  • Christiana

    Much better than Christina for my taste

  • Clover

    Best flower name in my opinion

  • Cooper

    Yes, I like it for a girl!

  • Echo


  • Elijah

    Another wonderful family name

  • Emerson

    Favorite unisex name, and its also a family name so, BONUS

  • Esme

    One of the sweetest names I've ever encountered

  • Ezra

    Very sophisticated feel to it but, is also modern with the "z" in it!

  • Ezri

    Really adorable Hebrew name

  • Fable

    Really cute, especially if you love books/writing

  • Graham


  • Guinevere

    I've loved this name since first seeing it in Arthurian legends!

  • Hunter

    A family name! I prefer it for a girl over a boy

  • Harlowe

    That "o" ending!

  • Isaiah

    Really cool! Love the biblical connection

  • Jasper

    Great boys name, it goes off-and-on for me though

  • Lux

    Short but, sweet

  • Margot

    I love names ending in "o", and this is one of my favorites

  • Mirabelle

    So sweet

  • Murphy

    Another surname

  • Raven

    *see comment on Amsel*

  • Rosalie

    I love pretty much every name that involves Rose, but this is by favorite

  • Roux

    LOVE, but the meaning and the tie to the sauce may throw some people off

  • Rye

    My little cousin is named this and it suits her perfectly

  • Sebastian

    Classic and very sophisticated! Bash as a nickname would be very cute

  • Shiloh

    Celeb baby name crush

  • Silas

    Another classic name that could do very well today!

  • Sutton

    A great example of a surname suiting a little girl

  • Vesper

    I don't remember when I first heard it, but I think its wonderful for a little girl

  • Willoughby

    I like this for both sexes though I do prefer Willow for a girl

  • Wren

    One of the more usable animal names! Cute for a boy or a girl

  • Zephyrine

    So beautiful and I love the French feel, but also the tie to Mythology

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