Favorite Girl Names

  1. Ainsley
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

      "solitary meadow"
    • Description:

      This name will tick a lot of boxes for many parents: unisex; trendy sound; pretty instinctive to pronounce; and some great namesakes including British chef Ainsley Harriott and American footballer Ainsley Battles.
  2. Avonlea
    • Origin:

      Place name
    • Meaning:

      "river by a field"
    • Description:

      As all good Anne of Green Gables buffs would know, Avonlea is the fictional Canadian town created by L. M. Montgomery that Anne Shirley considers home. The literary creation inspired a real Canadian town to adopt the name. Avonlea would make a lovely literary choice for any baby, and would fit in with the Ava and "-lee" naming trends right now.
  3. Adelaide
    • Adeline
      • Adigail
        • Aibhilin
          • Aislin
            • Anika
              • AnnaKate
                • Annabel
                  • Annalee
                    • Aslan
                      • Audrey
                        • Bridget
                          • Celia
                            • Charlotte
                              • Ellie
                                • Gracelyn
                                  • Holland
                                    • Origin:

                                      Dutch place-name
                                    • Description:

                                      Holland, like most place names, is gender neutral. There's about one boy Holland born in the US these days for every girl Holland.
                                  • Lilia