11 Names // Prairie Girls

'Little House' names for girls. - Created by Whirligig

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  • Amelia

    The middle name of Mary Ingalls. Familiar today but still pretty.

  • Caroline

    Caroline was Ma's first name and Carrie's full name. I think it is ready for a comeback.

  • Carrie

    Short, sweet but substantial for a full name in this modern age.

  • Celestia

    Carrie's middle name. Quite fancy for a first name but lovely for a middle.

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth is Laura's middle name. It is solid but feminine and has been a classic for years.

  • Grace

    How charming is this for a first name? A bit of a filler middle though.

  • Lake

    The surprising middle name of 'Ma'.

  • Laura

    A classic name that is feminine but not frilly.

  • Mary

    An old favourite that could be ready to be used again.

  • Pearl

    The simple and beautiful middle name of Grace.

  • Rose

    Laura named her daughter Rose after the flowers that she loved to see on the Prairie.