Attractive A's

I've been a big fan of baby names beginning with the letter A, so I thought I'd compose a list consisting of some of my favourite names starting with A along with a few others that may be nice. - Created by Stace92x

  • Aaliyah

    The most popular but obscure spelling of this name.

  • Abbie

    Shortened form of Abigail.

  • Abigail

    Recently risen back up in popularity. Liked for its slightly proper vintage charm.

  • Acacia

    An attractive, rarely used Greek nature name. Gradually beginning to catch on with baby namers.

  • Adam

    An old-testament name the was revived in the 1960's. Dropping in popularity for other A names.

  • Adelaide

    Rising in popularity, meaning noble/nobility.

  • Adelina

    Sweet vintage girls' name. Rose back into popularity for it's nickname Addie.

  • Adeline

    Has a lovely, old-fashioned charm, lesser used and less trendy version of Madeline.

  • Adrian

    Currently being reconsidered, well used in England and enjoying international popularity.

  • Adriana

    Soft and lovely Italian choice.

  • Aiden

    Spectacular name success story, cracked the top 10 in 2010 and remained there since. Outperformed the traditional version Aidan and has now become the accepted version.

  • Aislinn

    Ash-lin. Old Irish name meaning "dream".

  • Alannah

    An alternative version of Alana, meaning "harmony".

  • Alastair

    A quintessential British name.

  • Alexa

    The simple and most feminine form of the Alexandra-Alexis group.

  • Alexander

    Has many spin-offs such as Alex, Zander and Xander. Namers are still attracted to its imposing historic pedigree.

  • Alexia

    Pretty name, but has a slightly pharmaceutical aura.

  • Alice

    A classic name that's both strong and sweet.

  • Alicia

    A lovely, feminine name that used to be more popular than it's mother, Alice for many years, but it's more phonetic versions have robbed it of some of it's character.

  • Alina

    One of the global variations on the classic Helen with nicknames such as Lena or Lina. Means "bright and beautiful".

  • Alisha

    Phonetic spelling of Alicia, meaning "protected by God".

  • Allegra

    One of the most creative sounding names, meaning joyous.

  • Alyssa

    A long-running popular name that's related to the flower alyssum as well as to the classic Alice and variants.

  • Amalia

    Ah-mah-lee-a. Widely cross-cultural name, a lovely and distinctive alternative to Amelia with spelling alternative Amalya.

  • Amanda

    Has a somewhat trendy feel but is a certifiable classic. A romantic-sounding name that has recently lost some of it's popularity but is still lovely and well used.

  • Amber

    Not as stylish as some of it's gem cousin's names but still has a colourful background and is widely used.

  • Amelia

    A lovely Victorian name. One of the fastest rising girls' names, jumping 169 places in the past 10 years.

  • Amelie

    Am-ah-lee. French version of Amelia.

  • Amy

    Used a lot less in recent times than it was but still remains a short, sweet classic, meaning "beloved".

  • Anastasia

    An elegantly beautiful name, increasing in popularity.

  • Andre

    French and Portuguese variation of Andrew, been familiar in the English speaking world for decades.

  • Andrew

    Although it has slipped a bit, it is still one of the most appealing classic boys' names with tons of character and charm. Means "strong and manly".

  • Angelina

    Delicate but stylish, meaning "angelic".

  • Anna

    A touch more exotic and a bit more stylish version of Ann, but still classic and simple.

  • Annabella

    Recent rise in popularity as an alternative for such favourites as Isabella and Angelina. Means "loving".

  • Annabelle

    A charming name that is on the rise, meaning "loving".

  • Annalise

    Traditional German combo-name. First jumped onto the popularity list in 1997, meaning "grace".

  • Anne

    French variation of Ann.

  • Anthony

    Versatile and perennially popular, meaning "priceless one".

  • Anton

    German and Scandinavian variation of Anthony, meaning "priceless one".

  • Aoife

    Ee-fa. Popular Irish name that's an alternative to Ava and Eva, meaning "beautiful/radiant".

  • Arabella

    Lovely and elegant name that's well used in the UK before making it onto the US list in 2005. More distinctive alternative to Isabella, meaning may also be interpreted as "beautiful".

  • Araminta

    Enchanting eighteenth-century invention familiar in the UK.

  • Aria

    Light and airy choice that is quickly moving up the charts.

  • Arianna

    Smooth and exotic name. Slowly moving up the charts.

  • Ashley

    Still a pretty name but dropping in popularity due to more people preferring alternatives such as Ashleigh and Ashlea or Ashlyn and Aubrey.

  • Ashlyn

    Relates to the Irish version Aislinn, but owes its popularity to Ashley. Means "dream".

  • Ashton

    Replacing Ashley and Ash as a boys name.

  • Aston

    Has an upscale aura to it.

  • Athena

    Greek mythology name. Very distinctive name.

  • Aurelia

    Means "the golden one". Name that's expected to rise again.

  • Austin

    An attractive southwestern feel to it, meaning "great, magnificent".

  • Autumn

    The most popular season name now, crisp and colourful.

  • Ava

    Lovely but hugely popular name. Simple but stylish.

  • Aveline

    May come into it's own soon from the mega-popular Ava.

  • Aaron

    An attractive, timeless choice. Has an appealing gentleness.