She's the One

This is a collection of names that are quite unique and have a feminine and dreamy quality to them. Names that people will always remember because they captivate with their charming flow. - Created by brooklyndroberts

  • Adele

    a cute middle name in my opinion.

  • Annistyn

    Has a sweet angelic flow to it.

  • Ashlea

    My favorite spelling of this name.

  • Auden

    Elegant because of how simple and sweet it sounds. This is clearly underused.

  • Audrina

  • Aurora

    Beautifully sophisticated.

  • Austyn

    Place names are hard to forget, love the spelling.

  • Birdie

    My great grandmother's name! Beautiful and I favor it.

  • Britton

    Cutesy feeling to this name.

  • Charleigh

  • Charlotte

    I love the Southern Belle quality it has.

  • Elyse

    Has a romantic quality.

  • Emery

    Still short and sweet.

  • Gemma

  • Ireland

    This is by far one of my favorite names out there, it's so elegant and is a rare find for sure!

  • Sephora

    This means bird, you can't help but be in love with a name like this.

  • Waverly

    Has a girlish flow and ring to it.