el-EES or el-EEZ
Variation of Elise or Elysia
"pledged to God"

Elyse Origin and Meaning

The name Elyse is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "pledged to God".

Elyse hasn't been heard much since the 80s, but it's beginning to be reconsidered as a possibIlity again, now that it's not so much seen as a Mom name, as it was in the TV show "Family Ties." A spelling variation of Elise, it's another variation of Elizabeth. Many parents today would opt for Eliza.

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Elyse Popularity

Famous People Named Elyse

  • Elyse Knox (born Elsie Lillian Kornbrath)American actress
  • Elyse Marie LevesqueCanadian actress
  • Elyse Marie SewellAmerican model
  • Elyse TaylorAustralian model
  • Elyse Goldsteinfirst woman rabbi in Canada
  • Elyse HopfnerHibbs, Canadian Olympic gymnast
  • Elyse PenalunaAustralian basketball player
  • Elyse GascoCanadian fiction writer
  • Elyse LurayAmerican historian and TV personality ("History Detectives")

Elyse in Pop Culture

  • Elyse Keatonthe mom on the TV series "Family Ties"
  • Elyse Aurora Bowdencharacter from "The Angry Woman Suite" by Lee Fullbright