Beautiful girls names for my future beautiful daughter. I love unique names, but nothing too strange. I want my daughters name to be strong yet feminine and pretty, and make her stand out in a crowd. - Created by molly1203

  • Amelia


    Name I made up

  • Ari

    Usually short for Ariel but I like it shortened


    Name I made up

  • Carter

    Typically a boys name that I think sounds great for a girl

  • Cullen

    Heard as a name in a movie (not Twilight, and not a surname)

  • Dove

    Cute girly nature name

  • Elliot

    Common boys name that could be for a girl. Nicknam could be Ellie

  • Evanna

    Nickname could be Evan

  • Grace

    One of my favorite girls names

  • Gwen

    One of my favorite girly girl names

  • Jude

  • Kalani

    Not too common right now but I think it's going to gain popularity in the next few years

  • Lane

  • Lennox

  • Luna

    Meaning- moon

  • Mychal

    Girl version of Michael. Nickname could be Mykie

  • Natalie

    Beautiful and feminine name I have always liked

  • Nina

    Beautiful feminine name

  • Nova

    Meaning- new

  • Perry


    Name from Game of Thrones

  • Rhiannon

    Love this name, but might be confused with Rihanna

  • Ridley

    Name from a book I read and her character was a Siren and a Shifter

  • River

    Nature name

  • Salem

    Another unique and uncommon name

  • Scarlett

    A name that, to me, is the epitome of grace and beauty

  • Seneca

    Unique and uncommon

  • Silas

    I know its a boys name but I think it sounds pretty for a girl and i really just love the name

  • Stella

    Love this name


    pronounced troy-an. Name of an actress I admire. Means woman of Troy

  • Waverly

    Unique and uncommon but not too weird

  • Wren

    Bird name