Names from my Fictional Works

A list of names from ALL of my fictional works ever (the ones I can remember, anyway). Some are classic, some are odd, and some I made up entirely. This list includes first, middle, and surnames. "Z.A.M.A.L." - my first lengthy story, which was painfully cliched. "Anchors" - a later story set on a deserted island, on which 3 siblings lived in an abandoned lighthouse. "Untouchable" - a cheap online werewolf romance. "The Black Velvet Band" - a short story. "Claude" - a poem based on Notre-Dame de Paris. "Morwenna Island" - set in the same place as Anchors, but chronologically much earlier. - Created by Wanderlust_Wolf

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  • Adam

    Untouchable - triplet brother of Leah and Vivian, surname Oakes. Ran off to join the circus three years prior to the main plot.

  • Adrian

    Z.A.M.A.L. - Lola's boyfriend.

  • Alistair

    The Black Velvet Band - Prince Rupert III's middle name.

  • Ashley

    Z.A.M.A.L. - surname Midoriko. Based on my friend Emily.

  • Athena

    Z.A.M.A.L. - originally Oliviachanica (I made up that one too). A member of Black Bling.

  • Amalric

    Untouchable - the Rogue.

  • Brenna

    Untouchable - Shiloh's middle name.

  • Brittany

    Untouchable - surname Brannigan, one of Kylie's pawns.

  • Benjiro

    Anchors - Owen's pale-green parrot.

  • Calypso

    Untouchable - Dom's middle name.

  • Claude

    Claude - Archdeacon Don Claude Frollo from Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris.

  • Dakota

    Z.A.M.A.L. - Zoey's boyfriend.

  • Dominique

    Untouchable - nn Dom. Shiloh's best friend and adoptive sister

  • Draco

    Untouchable - blonde hipster, surname O'Brien.

  • Derica

    Anchors - twin sister of Owen.

  • Dunphy

    The Black Velvet Band - Patience's surname.

  • Emerson

    Untouchable - Jax's surname.

  • Esmeralda

    Claude - a beautiful gypsy dancer and Claude's forbidden love.

  • Evrik

    Untouchable - Finn's middle name.

  • Faolan

    Untouchable - current Alpha and Finn's father.

  • Finn

    Untouchable - Shiloh's mate and future Alpha of the Summit County Pack.

  • Hawthorne

    Untouchable - Finn's surname.

  • Ignatius

    Untouchable - Kingsley's middle name.

  • Innocencia

    The Black Velvet Band - Patience's second middle name.

  • Isaiah

    Z.A.M.A.L. - Ashley's boyfriend, who turned out to be evil (apparently).

  • Jax

    Untouchable - pyromaniac and womanizer, but has a good heart (deep, DEEP down)

  • Katy

    Z.A.M.A.L. - the other leader of Black Bling.

  • Kingsley

    Untouchable - Finn's young teen brother; a fun-loving pyromaniac.

  • Kylie

    Untouchable - surname Mitchell, a Beta who is very jealous of Shiloh.

  • Kiershani

    Z.A.M.A.L. - the leader of Black Bling (the baddies). This is one of those names I made up myself.

  • Koritzo

    Z.A.M.A.L. - the almighty and mysterious leader of Black Bling. Another made-up name; he went by Koritzo-sama. He was actually Isaiah in disguise.

  • Leah

    Untouchable - triplet sister of Adam and Vivian.

  • Lola

    Z.A.M.A.L. - surname Presley. Based on my friend Danika and her former Elvis obsession.

  • Mercy

    The Black Velvet Band - Patience's middle name.

  • Michael

    Z.A.M.A.L. - Mary Anne's boyfriend.

  • Morwenna

    Anchors, Morwenna Island - originally just the name of the island, later revealed (in the poem) to have been an ancient Siren and the spirit of the island.

  • Mary Anne

    Z.A.M.A.L. - surname Kentura. Based on my friend Gretchen.

  • Odette

    Untouchable - current Luna and Finn's mother.

  • Orion

    Anchors - a red hermit crab Derica was fond of.

  • Owen

    Anchors - a quiet, introverted boy who loved the island.

  • Pan

    I Promised I Would Never Forget - Peter's surname.

  • Patience

    The Black Velvet Band - Death's personal assassin.

  • Peter

    I Promised I Would Never Forget - Peter Pan from J.M. Barrie's stories and my childhood obsession.

  • Phoebus

    Claude - a womanizing captain who wins Esmeralda's affections and is later stabbed (not fatally) by Claude.

  • Regan

    Untouchable - youngest Hawthorne, twin sister of Rowan.

  • Rosabelle

    Anchors - the younger sister of Owen and Derica, nn Belle.

  • Rowan

    Untouchable - youngest Hawthorne, twin sister of Regan.

  • Rupert

    The Black Velvet Band - a selfish, naive prince whom Patience was ordered to assassinate.

  • Relle

    Z.A.M.A.L. - A member of Black Bling. I made up this name too. There was another member named Relle Yvonne because I based them off of two different girls with the same name.

  • Shiloh

    Untouchable - the protagonist, based on myself.

  • Tiffany

    Untouchable - surname Kincaid, another one of Kylie's pawns.

  • Tariya

    Z.A.M.A.L. - A member of Black Bling.

  • Tree

    Anchors - Rosabelle's pet lemur.

  • Vivian

    Untouchable - Goth triplet sister of Adam and Leah.

  • Whittaker

    Untouchable - Shiloh's surname.

  • Winthrop

    The Black Velvet Band - Prince Rupert's surname/royal family.

  • Zoey

    Z.A.M.A.L. - surname Umikara. Based on myself and the English version of Mew Ichigo Momomiya (from Tokyo Mew Mew)