Queen and Princess Names Starting With A

Names that sound like they could belong to a queen or a princess. Honestly, like they could belong to any female noble. This is the first installment of a series.
  1. Adalaide
    • Aabriella
      • Aada
        • Origin:

          Finnish, meaning unknown
        • Description:

          Vowel-loaded, acronym-sounding Finnish name might have some problems here. Stick with ADA.
      • Aadhira
        • Aadhya
          • Origin:

          • Description:

            This beautiful Hindi name made the US Top 1000 in 2016, and 2017, and has now re-entered again in 2022. Aadhya is one of the many names for the Goddess Durga in Hinduism.
        • Aadya
          • Origin:

          • Meaning:

            "first, earth"
          • Description:

            An epithet of the goddess Durga, associated with the beginning of the earth.
        • Aafiyah
          • Aafke
            • Origin:

            • Meaning:

            • Description:

              The Dutch feminine diminutive is thought to be derived from Ave, as in Ave Maria.
          • Aahana
            • Aahliyah
              • Aailiyah
                • Aailyah
                  • Aaira
                    • Description:

                      Possibly derived from the Sanskrit word aaryah meaning noble, or from the Finnish "Airi" meaning "messenger, herald". Reminiscent of Ayla, Ira, and Arya, it is no wonder Aaira was one of the fastest rising names in the UK in 2022.
                  • Aairah
                    • Aaisha
                      • Aaishah
                        • Aalaiya
                          • Aalani
                            • Aalayah
                              • Aaleah