All-Time Girl Favorites

A monster mash of my favorite names for girls... - Created by arwen_daria_crowder

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  • Amelia

    "to strive, excel, and rival"

  • Ariadne

    "most holy one"

  • Arwen

    "noble lady"

  • Azar


  • Arionn

    the beautiful horse of Greek myth which ran crazy fast

  • Ashna


  • Charlie

    "free man"

  • Ciara

    CHAR-ah, "saint" or "dark"



  • Daria

    "she who has in herself the good"

  • Dyani


  • Evadne

    "pleasing one"

  • Evan, Evanne

    "God is good"

  • Freya

    "a noble woman"

  • Holly

    "the pretty red-berried plant"

  • Hart


  • Indie


  • Indigo

    "the awesome combo of blue and purple"

  • Isel


  • January

    "the ridiculously cold month"

  • Joss

    from Jocelyn, meaning "little goth"

  • Karys

    "grace"; the Greek Muse of charity

  • Kenzie

    from Mackenzie, meaning "of the handsome one"

  • Kierann


  • Locklyn

    "from the land of the lakes"

  • Levi

    "joined in harmony"

  • Lincoln

    the beloved president; "town by the pool"

  • Max


  • Mika

    "beautiful aroma"

  • Mila

    "people's favor"

  • Naomi

    "beautiful, gentle" / "correct, honest, beauty"

  • November

    "the ninth month", nicknames being Novi, Nova, and Ember

  • Olive

    it's green.

  • Olympia

    "from Mount Olympus"

  • Parker

    "park keeper"

  • Presley

    "from the priest's field"

  • Reagan

    the president

  • Renata


  • Riann

    "descendant of the king"

  • Riley

    "descendant of Roghallach"

  • Romellie

    "a French place"

  • Saskia


  • Seren

    "star"; the Welsh goddess of hot springs

  • Saturday

    the day I actually get to live

  • Teagan

    "little poet"

  • Taizie

    from Anastasia, meaning "resurrection"