If I Ever Write A Book

I am Incredibly fond of these names, they just wouldn't be right for a kid of mine for various assorted reasons (too popular, clashes, too hard to pronounce, would sound weird with a Southern accent, vetoed by the man, etc), so of course i'll save them for when I write that epic book series chock full of incredible places and charmingly named characters ;-) - Created by Mego0801

  • Aisling

  • Ariadne

    Just beautiful

  • Evadne

    Just sounds magical

  • Hermione

  • Jack

    I got nothing, just love saying this name out loud!

  • Meadow

    I'm in love with wildflowers, and wildflowers and meadows kinda go hand in hand.

  • Peridot

    This is my birthstone, plus there is a soft spot in my heart for P names :-)

  • Prairie

  • September

  • Theseus

    I love how strong this name sounds!