animal names for farm

bro... haha.... what if... i started a sustainable farm with my friends after college and i was happy? haha just kidding... unless? and no, i don't take names seriously and yes, i may name an animal off of something on this list. - Created by orbweaver

  • Aang


  • Abe

    after all my dogs on harvest moon. miss you buddy!

  • Bear

    POI inspired. doggo

  • Beatrice

    pig if gorl

  • Bowie

  • Bubba

    pig if boy

  • Beef Supreme

  • Bella Mia

    after my current dog

  • Carlos

    with his perfect hair... WTNV

  • Cupid

    c i r c u m s i z e m y h e a r t

  • Dougie

    You know, you're probably gonna be a scientist someday. You can at least tell pop-pop what a hiccup is.

  • Dapple

    horse name. after my childhood stuffed horse.

  • Fenrir

    big doggo!

  • Falafel

  • Hanalei

  • Hubris

    unisex. for a troublemaker. (gote?)

  • Inchman

    after Jack Stauber's song of the same name. for a horse?

  • Jonathan Beak


  • Katara


  • Kit

    after my character

  • Korra


  • Lucy Fur

  • Milo

    from milo & otis

  • Minecraft

  • Otis

    from milo & otis

  • One-Time Offer Rentable

    Unisex probably. It isn't my life.

  • Oral Fixation Dilation

    Unisex name; Only for a limited time!

  • Poptart

  • Remmy the Rat

    unisex. how to get beat up by my friends; name an animal this.

  • Repecka

    for a chimken

  • Reya Sunshine

  • Roblox

  • Sam Yao

    Zombies, Run!

  • Scantron


  • Schrödinger

    for a cat

  • Sirenhead

    What are you gonna do now huh? Cry?

  • The Devil's Boy

    This poor boy, my sweet sweet son, I see him on my daily runs.

  • The Glow Cloud

    unisex. All Hail.

  • Toph


  • Zero

    after one of my old characters. for a dog?

  • Zuko


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