Short form of Douglas, Scottish
"black water"

Dougie Origin and Meaning

The name Dougie is a boy's name meaning "black water".

Dougie is one of those names that spotlights the huge gulf that can exist between US and UK naming trends. In England and Wales, Dougie is a trendy nickname-name, ranking all the way up at Number 315. In the US, on the other hand, Dougie was used for a grand total of zero baby boys last year. Same thing for short form Doug. Only the father name Douglas ranks in the US Top 1000.

Dougie Popularity

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Famous People Named Dougie

  • Dougie Lee PoynterEnglish musician of pop/rock band McFly
  • Douglas "Dougie" FreedmanScottish footballer
  • Dougie MacLeanScottish singer,songwriter
  • Douglas "Dougie" ImrieScottish footballer
  • Douglas Jonathan "Dougie" HamiltonCanadian ice hockey player
  • Douglas James "Dougie" AndersonScottish radio/TV presenter

Dougie in Pop Culture

  • "The Dougie" is a type of modern dance