Eclectic names for girls

So, I tend to prefer unusual historical or pop culture names for girls over very traditional names. Here are some of my top picks: - Created by deusvult

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  • Aoife

    You might need to write this on your baby's head so everybody remembers how to spell it. It's awesome, though, so that cancels out any negatives.

  • Artemis

    If you call your kid

  • Arwen

    Lord of the Rings, anyone?

  • Boudicca

  • Briar

  • Cairo

  • Caoimhe

    Pronunciation is your enemy.

  • Electra

  • Eulalia

  • Evangeline

  • Freddie

  • Guinevere

  • Hazel

    John Green may have changed the perception of this name (for better or for worse?)

  • Ithaca

  • Jessamina

  • Kateri

  • Katerina

    Actually a family name, although it's spelt

  • Killian

    The first syllable may be a problem, or it may be exactly what you're looking for - it depends on how psychotic you are. Either way, it's still an awesome sounding name.

  • Kyrie

  • Lydia

    Kind of a middle-aged woman name unless you're a Teen Wolf fan.

  • Quinta

  • Ravenna

  • Saoirse

    Be prepared to explain pronunciation every. Single. Time.

  • Seraphina

  • Sinclair

    Maybe not as a first name, though.

  • Talitha

  • Tamar

  • Tanaquil

  • Thomasin

    The only good thing that came out of the Puritan movement was this name.

  • Ursula

  • Wednesday

    Please make your child's middle name/surname Addams! Ha ha!

  • Winnie