A Sibling for Maple

We're planning for another little in 2017. Looking for names that will blend will with our current sweetie pie Maple Annabelle. - Created by MorganElizabeth451

  • Apollo (voted down by dad)

  • Caspian

    Strong, deep, like the sea. "Cas" as a nickname is super cute, and not just because of Supernatural :D

  • Delilah

  • Emery

  • Flint

  • Fox

  • Ivy

    This was a name we considered for our first, but it didn't quite fit at the time. Nature -inspired, sweet, and short.

  • Jude

  • Juniper

  • Luna

  • Margot

  • Marlowe

  • Orion

    Our favorite constellation, and a name that's only a little different.

  • Rosalie

  • Sterling

  • Wren

    Unique but kind of cool.

  • Wilder (voted down by Dad)

  • Wyatt (voted down by Dad)

    A name I've loved for a long time. Sounds southern because of Wyatt Earp, and strong.