African -American girl names

Some people have this notion that black names for girls/boys are "yoo-nik" or names with dashes and hyphens are apart of our culture and that's simply NOT true... I hate seeing name lists for African americans that have a long list of crazy ,made up names...its so irritating to see people think that those are the only type of names people of color can have. I'd also like to shout out to writers/artists or what have you with African American characters in mind and are looking for sensible widely used names for an African American (female) character please look no further than this list... at the end of the day your decision is yours but atleast consider this list and not be so quick to run to the sterotypes.. Now, presenting common (sensible )names for African -American/black girls. ^.^ (and if your wondering , my name is Brittany btw) :) and the names below are names ive personally seen/heard on black women - Created by Stars-r-Aligned

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