Boy Names Starting With W

Baby boy names that start with the letter W were the second most popular category until the 1910s, largely thanks to royal William’s 40-year reign as the #2 name. And timeless classic William still ranks among the Top 5 boy names in the US.

Along with William, W boy names ranked among the Top 300 boy names in the US include Wyatt, Weston, Wesley, Waylon and Walker.

A little further down the list, cool vintage W names for boys are making a quiet comeback. Distinguished vintage gem Walter has been rising recently in the popularity charts, after unlikely anti-hero Walter White exploded onto our screens. Along with Walter, Winston and Wallace are two other handsome, old-fashioned W names for boys which rank in the US Top 1000.

And in England and Wales, even fustier vintage picks like Wilfred and Wilbur are newly fashionable: both rank in the Top 600 baby boy names.

Riding the W wave are a whole new breed of W-starting boy baby names with a decidedly tougher, edgier image: from Wade and Wilder to Wesson and Wolf.

Here, our full collection of boy names beiginning with W. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

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Top Boy Names Starting with W

  • William

    William is derived from the Germanic name Wilhelm, composed of the elements wil, “will,” and helm, referring to a helmet or protection. The name was introduced to England by... Read More 

  • Wyatt

    Wyatt was derived from the Medieval English name Wyot, itself a form of the given name Wigheard, with wig meaning “war” and heard, “brave.” Wyot, along with variations Wiot and... Read More 

  • Wesley

    Wesley is one of a group of W-starting surname names reminiscent of the Old West that are making a comeback -- though it's not as well used as it was in the 1970s, when he ranked as high as Number... Read More 

  • Weston

    Weston has gone from being a Jane Austenish British surname to a first name with a relaxed American western cowboy feel. Along with other trendy 'n'-ending Read More 

  • Waylon

    Country singer Waylon Jennings bestowed a kind of outlaw image on his name. However, for many children of the 1980s and '90s, Waylon will be forever associated with The Simpson's character, Waylon... Read More 

  • Walker

    Walker is both a Waspy surname name—as in the W in George W. Bush—but it also has a gentle ambling quality and a creative connection to such greats as writer Walker Percy and photographer Walker... Read More 

  • Walter

    Walter was seen as a noble name in the Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Walter Scott era, but it then spent decades in baby name limbo. Now quite a few independent-minded parents are looking at it as a... Read More 

  • Wade

    Wade has never been outside the US Top 1000 for boys - there's a reason for that. It has a clean spelling, fresh sound and is neither too trendy (unlike Kade or Cade) or too old-school (like... Read More 

  • Warren

    Long lingering in limbo, Warren suddenly seems to be on the cusp of revival. One of the oldest recorded English surnames, Warren's popularity in the U.S. dates back to the nineteenth century, and... Read More 

  • Winston

    Long associated with the Churchill family and common in the West Indies, the distinguished Winston has tended to be neglected here. The exception was during the World War II period, when Winston... Read More