Boy Names Starting With U

Baby boy names starting with the letter U make for the ultimate unusual choice — U has been the least-used initial for boys for the past two decades!

Only three U-starting boy baby names currently rank in the US Top 1000: Uriel, Uriah, and Urijah.

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In England and Wales, four Arabic boy names starting with U make the Top 1000: Umar, Usman, Uzair and Umair.

Along with the familiar Uriel and Umar, other great underused U baby boy names include Urban, Urso, Unwin and Ulysses, as well as modern options like Upton, Usher, and Utah.

Despite its rarity as a first initial, “u” is our trendiest vowel sound among baby names 2019. Unearth more cool, unique U names for boys in our full list, below.

U Names for Boys