Boy Names Starting With R

Boy names that begin with R are led today by modern classics Ryan and Roman, which both rank in the Top 100 baby names for boys in the US.

Along with Ryan and Roman, R-starting names for boys which make the Top 250 include Ryker, Ryder, Rowan, River, Remington, Riley and Rhett.

And across the pond, the Brits are crazy for R boy names! The England and Wales Top 200 names for boys includes a wealth of quirky R-starting options, such as Reuben, Reggie, Rory, Ronnie, Ralph, Rupert, Rex, Rocco and Rhys.

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In France, Raphaël, Robin and Rayan all rank in the Top 100, while in Finland Rasmus and Roope are both in the Top 50.

Famous R-starting couple Rose Byrne and Robert “Bobby” Cannavale recently chose a second rollicking R name for baby boy #2: Rafa, a brother for Rocco. And filmmaker Robert Rodriguez passed his R initial down to all four of his sons: Rocket, Racer, Rebel, and Rogue.

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R Names for Boys