Top Baby Names Starting with S

Baby names starting with S have shifted from old favorites Stephanie and Shannon, Steven and Scott to multicultural choices, the most popular of which are Sophia and Sebastian. Sophia, followed closely by the Sofia spelling variation, was formerly the top girl name in the US. Sebastian is one of many boy names from ancient cultures that has come back into fashion. Both Sebastian and Sophia can be easily translated into many world languages. In the US, they are top choices among Spanish-speaking families.

Along with Sophia and Sofia, other girl names beginning with S in the US Top 400 include Scarlett, Stella, Savannah, Skylar, and Sienna. Along with Sebastian, other boy names starting with S in the US Top 400 include Samuel, Santiago, Sawyer, Silas, and Simon.

Attractive S names that are rare in the US but common internationally include Stanley in England, Soline and Sandro in France, Sanne and Sem in the Netherlands, and Soraia and Safira in Portugal. Saskia, Shoshanna, and Solange are beautiful and unique S names for girls, and Stellan and Strummer are two of our favorite uncommon choices for boys.

See below for our extensive selection of baby names starting with S. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 baby names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

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See Unique Names Starting with S
  • Sophia

    Sophia was derived from sophia, the Greek word for wisdom. The name was first famous via St. Sophia, venerated in the Greek Orthodox church—St. Sophia was the mother of three daughters... Read More 

  • Sofia

    Sofia is a variation of the Greek name Sophia, which was derived directly from sophia, the Greek word for wisdom. It was the name of a Roman saint—the mother of Faith, Hope, and... Read More 

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian is derived from the Greek Sebastianos, meaning “from Sebastia.” Sebastia was a city in Asia Minor—modern day Sivas, Turkey. Sebastian is a name with a substantial history, first as the... Read More 

  • Scarlett

    Scarlett originated as an occupation surname, designating a person who sold scarlet, a luxury wool cloth produced in Medieval Europe. The word is thought to derive from the Arabic siklāt,... Read More 

  • Samuel

    Samuel was derived from the Hebrew name Shemu’el, meaning “told by God.” In the Old Testament, Samuel was one of the great judges and prophets of the Israelites, destined for a holy life from... Read More 

  • Stella

    Stella was derived from stella, the Latin word for “star.” It was coined by Sir Philip Sidney in 1590 for the protagonist of his poem collection Astrophel and Stella. The title... Read More 

  • Savannah

    A place name with a deep Southern accent, the once-obscure Savannah shot to fame, with others of its genre, on the heels of the best seller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which... Read More 

  • Skylar

    Newer, simpler forms of the Dutch surname Schuyler, stylish for both genders, are rising up the popularity list. Skylar is the most popular variation for girls. Skylar has been used by several... Read More 

  • Santiago

    Santiago is a spirited Spanish name with great crossover potential: a place-name (it's a city in Chile), a surname, and the patron saint of Spain. It's a name on the rise in the charts. ... Read More 

  • Serenity

    Serenity's a pretty virtue choice, having risen quickly since entering the Social Security list in 1997. It was also the title of the 2005 movie spinoff of the Joss Whedon TV show Firefly.Read More