Top Baby Names Starting with O

Baby names starting with O are a small but incredibly stylish group, headed off by Olivia and Oliver. These sophisticated — and very similar — names are the most popular names for girls and boys in England and rank among the top baby names in other Anglophone countries such as Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Along with Olivia, other girl names beginning with O in the US Top 500 include Olive, Ophelia, Oakley, Octavia, and Oaklyn. As well as Oliver, other boy names starting with O in the US Top 500 include Owen, Oscar, Omar, Orion, and Odin.

Unique O names have an extra dose of originality thanks to their O initial. Some of our favorites include the dramatic and feminine Olympia and Oriana, modern and gender-neutral October and Ode, and creative and historical Oberon and Odette. Océane and Orla, top names in France and Scotland, respectively, would make excellent imports.

Search our whole roster of baby names starting with O. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 baby names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.

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See Unique Names Starting with O
  • Olivia

    Olivia is one of the top US baby names as well as a popular girls' name in English-speaking and European countries around the world. ... Read More 

  • Oliver

    Oliver derives from Olivier, the Norman French variation of the Ancient Germanic name Alfher or the Old Norse Aleifr, which comes from Olaf. Olivier emerged as the dominant spelling for its... Read More 

  • Owen

    Owen was derived from two names—the Welsh Owain and the Celtic Eoghan. Each are connected to Eugene, which ultimately came from the Greek word eugenes, comprised of the elements... Read More 

  • Oscar

    Oscar has Irish and Norse roots—Norse Oscar comes from the Old English Osgar, a variation of the Old Norse name Ásgeirr. The Irish form was derived from the Gaelic elements os, meaning... Read More 

  • Olive

    Though greatly overshadowed by the trendy Olivia, Olive has a quiet, subtle appeal of its own -- and is now enjoying a remarkable comeback. Olive is one of only four Read More 

  • Omar

    Omar has a perfect mix of exoticism and familiarity, with the additional plus of a strong, open initial O. Commonly used among Muslim families, Omar was long associated with twelfth century... Read More 

  • Orion

    Orion is a rising star, with both mythical and celestial overtones.

    The Greek mythological Orion was the legendary hunter who pursued the seven daughters of Atlas, was slain by the... Read More 

  • Odin

    Odin is the name of the supreme Norse god of art, culture, wisdom and law -- who was handsome, charming and eloquent into the bargain. The name projects a good measure of strength and power and... Read More 

  • Oakley

    The Annie Oakley connection makes this a bit more girl-appropriate. Oakley has the dubious honor of belonging to the 'brand' names baby club- after the Oakley sunglasses. This name made it into... Read More 

  • Octavia

    Octavia began as the Latin, then Victorian name for an eighth child. While there aren't many eighth children anymore, this ancient Roman name has real possibilities as a substitute for the... Read More