Best One Syllable Baby Names

One syllable names are in style right now, appealing perhaps because of their simplicity and sleekness in a complicated world. One syllable baby names feel modern, although many of them have deep roots.

Names with two syllables may dominate the popularity lists right now, but one syllable names are next in line. The top one syllable names are Grace for girls and James for boys.

Along with Grace, the only other one syllable girl name that ranks in the US Top 100 is Claire. There are more boy names ranking in the Top 100. Along with James, the most popular boy names in the Top 100 are John, Luke, and Miles.

Many parents seek one syllable names for the middle names, which is a great idea. But they certainly inhabit first place nicely too. Here, our picks for the best one syllable names for baby boys and girls today.
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