Boy Names That Peaked in 2018

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These boy names were at their highest point ever on the official US popularity list in 2018. That may mean, of course, that they're at their lifetime peak and it's all downhill from here. Or it might mean they're hot and will only get hotter. A name that's been very popular for a long time, like Liam or Oliver, is more likely to soften than one that's been motoring up the charts, like Maverick or Weston. Maverick and Weston's true peak most likely lies several years ahead. The only thing this list tells you for sure is that these names are finding widespread favor, whether they're already in the Top 10 or lie much further down the list.

  • Abdiel

    In the Bible, it's the name of an ancient prophet who was able to withstand Satan. It has gained modest attention in recent years, hitting the US Top 1000 in 2008.

    Abdiel Colberg is a... Read More 

  • Ace

    No longer tied to the hapless Ace Ventura, this jaunty, high-flying nickname name is starting to take flight among celebrity and other parents, with its countless positive references to doing well... Read More 

  • Adonis

    The name of a figure from Greek mythology, Adonis is a high-pressure name often synonymous with masculine beauty. Nonetheless, many mythological names that would have previously been deemed off... Read More 

  • Adriel

    A biblical name getting wider notice.Read More 

  • Alessandro

    For anyone seeking a more exotic and unusual version of Alexander, this is a real winner.

    Notable namesakes include the great Italian opera composer Scarlatti and the influential... Read More 

  • Ali

    This is one of the ninety-nine attributes of Allah, deemed by Muhammad to be a recommended name for a male child. In this country, it's been primarily associated with boxing immortal Muhammad Ali,... Read More 

  • Amir

    A common Middle Eastern name, the general title for an elevated official, it was chosen for his son by actor Omar Epps. Read More 

  • Archer

    Archer is an Anglo-Saxon surname that feels more modern than most because of its on-target occupational and Hunger Games associations. And it's a nice way to bypass the clunky Archibald... Read More 

  • Ari

    This short form of Ariel (or any other Ari- beginning name, such as Aristotle) stands up better as a boys’ name than its progenitor does. It is also... Read More 

  • Arlo

    Arlo has many possible derivations: possibly a shortened form of Italian name Carlo, and in Basque-speaking regions it is the word for area. In English, Arlo was first used by Edmund Spenser in... Read More 

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