Botanical Baby Names

Botanical names are a subset of nature names relating to plants and plant-life. Included in this category are flower names, tree names, herb names, fruit names, and names inspired by grasses, sprouts, and shrubs, such as Chloe and Bentley.

Along with Chloe and Bentley, other botanical names for babies in the US Top 1000 include Aspen, Briar, Daisy, Nash, Oliver, Rowan, Sylvie, and Zaria. Flower names have always been stylish for baby girls, but tree names are heating up for boys and girls. Among the many on-trend options are Acacius, Juniper, Magnolia, and Oak.

A plant-related baby name could be ideal for the child of a parent working in botany or horticulture, or one with a green thumb. Plant-related baby names come in a variety of styles, from vintage classics like Lily and Oliver to modern unisex names such as Laramie and Indigo. If you are searching for the perfect botanical name for your son or daughter, consider one of these from our master list.

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