Rustic Baby Names

Rustic baby names with that down-home country feeling can be drawn from nature names, Western names, earthy names -- many different sources. Names we'd call country or rustic include both classic and unique names, from Levi to Leaf, Hazel to Huck.

Along with the down-to-earth Jack, other rustic boy names ranking in the US Top 500 include Hunter, Colt, Forest, Levi, Sam, Brooks, and Sawyer.

Along with innocent Daisy, rustic girl names in the Top 500 include Willa, Jane, Hazel, Josie, Annie, and Belle,

If you're looking to describe the image of rustic names, think golden afternoons, winding country roads, worn fences and simple pleasures. If your preference is for plain-feeling, rustic names, browse this list of country names with a rustic feel.
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