Christmas Baby Names

Expecting a Christmas baby, or just want a name that connotes the magical season? Here, our collection of Christmas baby names. See our blog for even more Christmas baby names.

  • Melchior

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    This name of one of the Three Wise Men is rarely used, for good reason. Read More 

  • Merry

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    She'd better be. Read More 

  • Natalie

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Natalie -- a Franco-Russian name -- became Americanized years ago, and now a new generation is reviving Natalie to join former canasta partners Sophie and Belle. Though still very popular, at... Read More 

  • Nevada

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Named for its snowcapped mountains, Nevada is a state name which, unlike Carolina, Montana, and Dakota, has been relatively undiscovered. Warning: today's unvisited place-name could become... Read More 

  • Nicholas

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Nicholas, though it has lost some ground (it was in the Top 10 from 1993 to 2002), is still a popular classic that would make an attractive, solid choice. A Greek name stemming from Nike, the... Read More 

  • Noel

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Noel is British, fey, and sophisticated, connoting wit and creativity, much like namesake Noel Coward. Always high on the list of Christmasy choices, Noel is currently Number 380 in the US and is... Read More 

  • Noelle

    Gender: F LoveDislike

    Feminissima, with a French gloss. Read More 

  • North

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    A lot of attention was drawn to this name when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced it as the name of their baby daughter, making it instantly unisex.

    North is a word name that's... Read More 

  • Pax

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Pax, one of the variations of names meaning peace that are newly popular in these less-than-peaceful times, got a lot of publicity when chosen by Brad & Angelina for their Vietnamese-born son.... Read More 

  • Pine

    Gender: M LoveDislike

    Worthy sibling for Oak, Elm, Juniper, and Spruce.Read More 

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