Bible Names for Girls

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Bible names for girls have been popular in the US since the beginning of name history, with the ultimate Bible girl name Mary dominating the number one spot until the early 1960s, and Sarah ranking among the top five girl names throughout the 1980s.

Along with Mary and Sarah, other biblical girl names in the Top 10 for decades include Elizabeth, Hannah, Deborah, and Ruth. The Bible is also the unlikely source for some of the trendiest girls' names, including Delilah – the top girl name starting with D – as well as Ada, Phoebe, Lydia, Naomi, and the many variations of Eve.

The Bible can also be an excellent source of unique names for girls. Unique Bible names we are hearing more of include Adah, Esther, Lilith, Noa, and Susannah.

Choosing a biblical name for your daughter automatically confers a measure of history and meaning to the name. Do be sure to read the full story of the figure from the Bible whose name you are considering for your child, to be sure that it's consistent with the message you are trying to send.

Here's our complete collection of biblical baby names for girls. Click here for our list of Bible Names for Boys.

Access the full range of names for girls via our master page of girl names.

  • Abiah

    Abiah is a Biblical name that appears for both female and male figures. It may be considered the same as the name Abijah in the Bible; one female Abijah was a queen and ancestor of Christ. Abiah... Read More 

  • Abigail

    Abigail comes from the Hebrew name Avigail and is derived from the Hebrew elements ab, meaning “father,” and g-y-l, meaning “to rejoice.” In the Old Testament, Abigail was the... Read More 

  • Abijah

    Abijah, which you might think of as Abigail with rhythm, is the name of both female and male personages in the Bible. A biblical Queen Abijah was the daughter, wife, and mother of kings. The... Read More 

  • Abital

    Abital is popular for boys as well as girls in Israel, but we rarely hear it here. In the Old Testament, Abital was one of King David's wives and the mother of his fifth son.Read More 

  • Abra

    Abra is soft, sensitive feminine form of Abraham that was the name of a soft, sensitive character in the John Steinbeck book and movie, "East of Eden." In the bible, Abra was a favorite of King... Read More 

  • Ada

    Ada is derived from the German name Adelaide, which came from the ancient name Adalheidis. The root, adal, is a Germanic word meaning “noble.” Ada can also be considered a variation of... Read More 

  • Adah

    Adah is a biblical name twice over—one was the mother of Jabal and Jubal, the other was a wife of Esau. The latter Adah and Esau’s descendants settled in Edom and became the Edomites. Adah is... Read More 

  • Adina

    Name of an Old Testament soldier that can theoretically be used for either sex -- but sounds overwhelmingly feminine. Read More 

  • Anna

    Anna is the Latin form of Hannah, a Hebrew name that derived from root chanan, meaning “grace.” European Christians embraced the name for its associations with the Virgin Mary’s mother,... Read More 

  • Apphia

    Biblical name from the New Testament.Read More 

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