Geek Chic Names for Boys

By Emma Waterhouse

Cool names for boys come in all shapes, sizes and styles. There are some evergreen classic boys' names which never go out of style: think traditional mainstays of the US (and UK, NZ, and Austalian) Top 100 boy names, like James, William, and Joseph. Other cool boys' names — like thick black-rimmed spectacles and heavy oxfords — are so out they're in. These are the clunky, old-school vintage boys' names that are starting to feel fresh, funky and a little bit daring, but still rooted in tradition.

A few of these geek chic names for boys are now heading into the mainstream, like Arthur, Hugo and Franklin, which all rank in the US Top 500 baby names for boys. Others, like Alfred, Harvey and Louis, have already caught on in a big way across the pond in England & Wales, where they rank in the current Top 100 boy names. But most of these edgy, uncommon vintage baby boy names are still waiting to be revived, and would make a great choice for parents who want a unique baby name with a rich history.

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