Year-Round Christmas Names: Jasper, Jesse and Joy

December 19, 2013 Linda Rosenkrantz

There are certain names, like Merry and Christmas and Noel/Noelle, that scream to the world. “I’m a Yuletide baby!” One way around this, if you still want to acknowledge the season, is to pick names that are related but are also used all year round, to the extent that they’re found in the Top 500, given to babies born in July as well as December. Here are some examples—both religious and secular — that do relate to the holiday, but in a quieter voice, shown in the order of their current popularity:


(#12—there were 13,834 Baby Matthews born in 2012, most of them not Christmas babies). The story of the birth of Jesus is told in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, with Matthew's including the story of the Christmas Star and the Visitation of the Magi. Matthew has been a Top 10 name since 1972, becoming the second most popular boys’ name in 1995. It’s now attached to several silver-screen heartthrobs.


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