We Analyzed Names on Forbes’ New Richest List

November 19, 2019 Pamela Redmond
rich women names

If you’re hoping your baby girl grows up to be a self-made billionaire, you might look for naming inspiration to Forbes‘ lastest list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women.

Those who believe in the power of names to shape a child’s future may be disappointed in many of the names in this collection.  The exceptions tend to be those who made their names — and their millions — in the entertainment industry. Madonna, who ranks Number  on this list, has been quoted as saying that having a special name made her feel like she was destined for stardom.

(The three adorable little girls pictured here are the daughters or nieces of two of the women on the list, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West. They are, left to right, Chicago (daughter of Kim), True (daughter of Khloe), and Stormi (daughter of Kylie).

But many of the women who found success by starting companies or creating innovative products have the same everyday names — Diane, Judy, Kathy — as your non-billionaire neighbors and classmates.

The larger message: You don’t need to give your daughter an extraordinary name for her to have an extraordinary life.

Here, the first names of the women on Forbes‘ list, ordered from richest to still pretty darn rich. Go here to read more about them and how they earned their money.

  1. Diane
  2. Meg
  3. Marian
  4. Judy
  5. Thai
  6. Judy
  7. Lynda
  8. Doris
  9. Johnelle
  10. Oprah
  11. Elaine
  12. Peggy
  13. Sheryl
  14. Jin
  15. Kathy
  16. Gail
  17. Katie
  18. Eren
  19. Jayshree
  20. Alice
  21. Anastasia
  22. Safra
  23. Kylie
  24. Neerja
  25. Weili
  26. Christel
  27. Kit
  28. Tory
  29. Young
  30. Sheila
  31. Nancy
  32. Anne
  33. Anne
  34. Marissa
  35. Huda
  36. Rihanna
  37. Theresia
  38. Madonna
  39. Kendra
  40. Mary
  41. Carolyn
  42. Victoria
  43. Susan
  44. Vera
  45. Celine
  46. Jamie
  47. Judy
  48. Donna
  49. Adi
  50. Beyonce
  51. Barbra
  52. Janice
  53. Nora
  54. Katrina
  55. Danielle
  56. Kathleen
  57. Kim
  58. Therese
  59. Neha
  60. Taylor
  61. Liz
  62. Ellen
  63. Belinda
  64. Martine
  65. Sonia
  66. Jessica
  67. Pleasant
  68. Ashley
  69. Patricia
  70. Lynda
  71. Whitney
  72. Susan
  73. Karissa
  74. Toni
  75. Marcia
  76. Suzy
  77. Reese
  78. Angela
  79. Serena


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