Unusual Girls’ Names: Destined for Stardom

You know how there are some names you never heard before that suddenly seem to be everywhere?The 11 choices for girls here are those kinds of names. All are so rare they were given to only about 100 or fewer baby girls in the U.S. last year. But behind the scenes in our current database analytics, we see them attracting twice as much attention as the average baby name.

Our conclusion: No matter how unusual they are by the numbers, these names are drawing considerable buzz. And that’s bound to translate over the coming years into usage for a lot more babies.

Besides their incipient popularity, these names share several appealing qualities. Most relate to nature, but in a fresher, less obvious way than the Lilys and Roses we’ve heard so much of in recent years. Many have deeper roots than they first seem, plus intriguing cultural connections.

And is it coincidence that four of the 11 start with the letter C, and seven contain the letter L? We don’t think so.

Our picks for 11 unusual girls’ names we see destined for stardom.


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Italian place-name Florence has been chic in England for several years now, but in the U.S., it fell off the Top 1000 around the time Florence Henderson starred in The Brady Bunch. Last year was given to only 73 little girls here, while in the U.K., it made the Top 50. But we see Florence along with flowery sisters Flora and Fleur attracting much new attention on Nameberry.

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