Trending Boy Names

Trending Boy Names

New parents — those who haven't spent much time around today's babies — may not be up on today's trending boy names. Does this sound like you? You might be shocked to learn the hottest boy names right now.

What are trendy boy names? Trendy boy names are more popular than ever before — or at least are at a recent peak. They move fast and cover a wide range of styles.

These names may be more or less trendy depending on where you live, but taking the US as a whole, here are some unexpectedly trendy boy names:

Surprisingly Trendy Boy Names


This Greek name with a strong meaning ("fearless") was one of the fastest-rising boy names of last year.


Colter jumped almost 200 spots between 2021 and 2022. It's gaining favor as a fresher alternative to Colton.


Despite the recent trend of place names, Denver isn't as modern as you think! It reached its peak in 1919 at Number 424, but today at Number 480 it could very well set a personal record. Denver is currently on the rise for both sexes.


The 2010s hit Eden is beginning to plateau for girls, but as a boy name, it's just heating up! As of 2022, Eden is trending sharply upward for boys.


Video game names for boys are a surprising new microtrend, and Jiraiya is the king of them all. This fantastical name from Naruto broke into the Top 1000 in 2021.


The soft Scandinavian name Leif is finally getting the attention it deserves on American soil. Ties to the legendary Icelandic explorer Leif Erikson give this name a tough side.


Along with many other Leo names, Leonidas has risen substantially over the past decade. Leonidas is arguably the most grandiose of them all, with the connection to the famous Spartan warrior.


Yes, it's technically Wyatt-with-an-R, but Ryatt is also homophonous with the bad boy name Riot. After Rihanna used the latter for her son born in 2023, we expect both forms of the name to skyrocket.


The king of the number names, Seven has been among the fastest-rising names ever since it was featured in the 2018 movie The Hate U Give. As of 2022, it's Number 754 for boys.


This low-key trending virtue name has been rising for baby boys since 2000. In 2022, Sincere jumped over 50 places to reach an all-time high of Number 544.

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