Nameberry’s Top Names of the Decade

Nameberry’s Top Names of the Decade

Nameberry’s top names of the decade are led by Charlotte at Number 1 for girls and the biblical Asher in the top spot for boys.

Our 2010s baby name popularity list is calculated according to which names attracted the lion’s share of the nearly 125 million views of our name pages over the past ten years.

As with our daily, monthly, and yearly popular names lists, Nameberry’s popularity roster differs somewhat from the US popularity list.

Top Girl Names 2010s

The number one girls’ name, Charlotte, has risen into the US Top 10 under the influence of Britain’s young princess. Top 10 names Olivia and Ava are both in the US Top 10, and Amelia has been the Number 1 girls’ name in Great Britain.

Rounding out Nameberry’s Top 10 for girls are Isla, Cora, Aurora, Penelope, and Eleanor, all stylish names ranking among the US Top 100. Only Imogen in Nameberry’s Top 10 for girls lies outside the US Top 1000.



  3. ISLA


  5. CORA


  7. AVA




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Top Boy Names 2010s

On the boys’ side, longtime Nameberry favorite Asher ranks at Number 1.

Nameberry’s Top 10 for boys departs more from the US Top 10 than do the girls’ names, with no names from our boys’ Top 10 also ranking in the national count. Nameberry parents seem more willing than average to choose adventurous names for their sons, though all the top boys’ names have traditional roots.

Along with Asher, other Biblical choices in the Top 10 are Ezra, Silas and Jasper, while Atticus and Milo have ancient roots in Rome and Greece respectively. Declan is Irish and Wyatt is derived from an English surname. Oliver enjoys the most widespread international popularity, while Henry is the only classic male name.

  1. ASHER



  4. EZRA

  5. MILO

  6. SILAS



  9. HENRY

  10. WYATT

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