Top Baby Names 2020….so far

Top Baby Names 2020….so far

The top baby names of 2020 are yet to be decided for the full year, so we are a long way from knowing whether and how the cataclysmic events of 2020’s disastrous first quarter will shape names of the future.

For now, we’ve got a new top girls’ name for 2020 so far: Luna. The name of the Roman moon goddess, Luna has vaulted to the top of the charts since Chrissy Teigen and John Legend chose it for their daughter. And it’s got a perfect ancient-yet-unconventional feel for right now.

On the boys’ side, the biblical Asher retakes the Number 1 spot from last year’s top boy name Milo, which moves down to Number 2.

Three new girls’ names entered the Top 10 in this first tally of 2020: Ava, Eloise, and Eleanor, replacing Ada, Cora, and Amelia. Cora, which we might have predicted would go all the way to the top of the list, may have been knocked out of contention by its similarity to corona.

Arlo is the most dramatic new entrant to the boys’ list, joining the Top 10 with Leo and Levi. That makes three of the Top 10 boys’ names ending with O, four if you count Theodore‘s short form Theo, which ranks on its own at Number 29. Other O-ending boy names in the Top 100 include Hugo, Elio, Mateo, Enzo, and Otto.

Archie has fallen off the Top 10, though it probably ranked that high artificially, thanks to the royal baby. Aarav is another Top 10 dropout with an artificially high ranking, given that it’s the first name on many lists. The other boys’ name that’s slipped is Jack.

Here are the full Top 10 2020 names for girls and boys:

Baby Name Trends 2020

Other baby name trends we see evidenced in our popularity list for 2020 include:

Vowel names

A large proportion of the top baby names 2020 for both sexes begin with vowels: 41 of the girls’ names and 35 of the boys’ names begin with vowels. A continues to be the most popular letter for boys, with A tied with E names for girls at 18 each.

Nearly half the Top 100 girls’ names on the 2020 top names list end in A. With boys’ names, more than a quarter end in vowels or vowel sounds, a trend that keeps gathering steam. Along with the O-ending names, the top boy names also include I-enders such as Eli and Bodhi and names that end with the A sound such as Luca and Micah.

Two syllable names

Two-thirds of the top boys’ names and nearly half the girls’ names are made up of two syllables. Three syllables is the next most popular count of the top baby names 2020, with 29 girls’ names and 25 boys’ names comprised of three syllables.

The Lu names

Luna is not the only popular name containing the Lu sound, popular for both genders in the top baby names 2020. Also in the Top 100 are Lucy for girls along with Louis, Luca, Lucas, Lucian, Lucius, and Luke for boys.

L and El names

L is the most popular first consonant for boys’ names, with 11 of the top 100 names on the boys’ side starting with L. Along with those already mentioned are Lachlan, Liam, and Logan

Even when L is not literally the first letter of a name, the El sound is popular for names for both girls and boys. Ranking in the Top 100 are 11 names for girls — Eleanor, Elena, Eliana, Elise, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ella, Ellie, Elodie, Eloise, and Elsie — along with boy names Eli, Elias, Elijah, and Elio.

M names for girls

M is by far the most popular consonant beginning for girls’ names, with ten of the Top 100 girl names for 2020  starting with M. They are: Mabel, Madeline, Mae, Maeve, Maisie, Margaret, Matilda, Maya, Mia, and Mila

In addition, Emma and Emilia rank in the Top 100.

Boy names ending in S

N-ending names have dominated the boys’ list for years, and a quarter of the top boy names still carry the N ending. But boys’ names that end in S now dominate those ending in R.

S-ending boys’ names in the Top 100 include both classics such as James and Thomas and newcomers like Cassius and Amias.

Coming in, going out

Girls’ names new to the Top 100 are: Edith, Amaya, Ayla, Athena, Saoirse, Kayla, Eliana, Nova, Sophia, Eva, Ella, and Ellie.

Girl names dropping off the Top 100 this quarter are: Adah, Posie, Isabel, Harper, Emily, Margot, Juliet, Hannah, Naomi, Lila, Gemma, and Evie.

New boys’ names on the Top 100 are: Lucius, Lucian, Luca, Micah, Logan, Abiah, Enzo, Ezekiel, David, Nathaniel, and Nathan.

Dropping off the boys’ Top 100 are: Harry, Sawyer, Beckett, Graham, Beau, Noah, Caius, Austin, and Simon.

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