Top Baby Names 2020

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The top baby names of 2020 include brand new names, rediscovered vintage names, and names imported from around the world.

We calculate our list of the top names of 2020 by calculating which names saw the biggest increases in views by readers over the past year.

This list of most popular names is a radical departure from the official lists, including our own, because we're looking not at which names were most popular in the past or even the present, but which will be most popular in the future.

Here, our roster of top baby names for boys and girls in 2020.

  • Acacius

    Acacius is a Latinized form of the Ancient Greek Akakios and can be interpreted to relate to the same root as the name Acacia, for the thorn bush, or Akakios which means "not evil." With the... Read More 

  • Adah

    Adah is a biblical name twice over—one was the mother of Jabal and Jubal, the other was a wife of Esau. The latter Adah and Esau’s descendants settled in Edom and became the Edomites. Adah is... Read More 

  • Adelaide

    Adelaide is now heading straight uphill on the coattails of such newly popular sisters as Ava, Ada, and Audrey, and in the company of Adeline and Amelia. It was chosen by actress Katherine Heigl... Read More 

  • Alfie

    Alfie is a Top 20 name throughout the British Isles, where retro nickname names are mega-popular, but it hasn't really been picked up in the US yet. Both Alfie and rising star Archie are spunky... Read More 

  • Alistair

    With many British names invading the Yankee name pool, the sophisticated Alistair could and should be part of the next wave. It debuted in the US Top 1000 in 2016. You have a triple choice with... Read More 

  • Allegra

    In music, the term allegro means "quickly, lively tempo," which makes this quintessential Bohemian ballet dancer's name all the more appealing. Allegra is one of the most distinctive yet... Read More 

  • Alva

    Edison's middle name is a fabulous option for parents looking for something with history and a soft sound. This could be the name you're looking for if you like Tesla's scientific pedigree but... Read More 

  • Amaya

    The Spanish form of Amaya is both a given name and a surname, originating from the Spanish mountain and village of Amaya. In this context it means “mother city” or “the capital.” Amaya can also be... Read More 

  • Amias

    Amias or Amyas is a unique name with an attractive sound and feel and a lovely meaning. Though it might sound like a Biblical name,... Read More 

  • Amina

    The name of the mother of the prophet Muhammad is well used among Muslims everywhere.Read More 

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